Our story begins in 2008, when we met.
In 2011, our paths divided and led us respectively to Carrara, at the Academy of Fine Arts and Milan to IED (Europe Istitute of Design) and then to Brera (Academy of Fine Arts).

During our studies we started to collaborate, helping each other in the respective fields and influencing the respective works until, after a degree in sculpture and one in fashion design with a specialisation in set design, costume for the show, our paths became one.

After much experience in our fields, in 2017 we decide to dedicate ourselves to our work and so an unexplored idea was born, to propose our art to the public, which is interwoven with design and the environment.

All works on the website are a selection of our journey, of both important and less important stages which take place between 2008 and 2019.

No work is accompanied by a description, as the title gives all the information needed. As Parmiggiani said: “… Art needs no answer. It is a question which wants to remain as such… “and as Braque said:” … There is only one thing that is true in the work of art and that is the one that cannot be explained … “

Besides, Art has spoken many more languages ​​than man himself has ever created.

We decided to combine our art with one great title: there is Noone, there is no one, since revealing the art and hiding the artist is the end of the art. This is something we tend to forget today.

For further information, collaboration or simple curiosity contact us in the box.